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Wait and SEE will be my words: -1 check if the 2 deciduous teeth are already mooving a bit or mobile .-2 ask the kid if it is annoying ( it’s the kid who answers ,no dad or mum).-3 make an Xray, then you’ll be able to decide what will .be best!!
Most of the time if the teeth are mobile I make a « deal » whith the kid and parents :a few weeks to make the teeth fall .
If they don’t make it we ‘ve got to act.So we pull the deciduous teeth away.
I never forgett to tell kid and parents to give an ice-cream afterwards.
If the teeth don’t moove the first time you see the kid 3 or 4 months later.

Javotte NANCY

just one word : perfect
Just you can consider also the age ; some families get a low speed of eruption. So is it fair at this age and considering the kind of eruption in the family.


You are perfectly right; the age of the child may be a problem.
You don’t even use the same words if the kid is 5 years and a half old or if he belongs to a family having a slow speed of eruption and is about 7years old or a bit more.
After 7years of age a panoramic X-ray may be usefull.

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