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Course of action?

A first dental appointment is often made due to what you can see in this picture.

In this case, what is your course of action?



Wait and SEE will be my words: -1 check if the 2 deciduous teeth are already mooving a bit or mobile .-2 ask the kid if it is annoying ( it’s the kid who answers ,no dad or mum).-3 make an Xray, then you’ll be able to decide what will .be best!!
Most of the time if the teeth are mobile I make a « deal » whith the kid and parents :a few weeks to make the teeth fall .
If they don’t make it we ‘ve got to act.So we pull the deciduous teeth away.
I never forgett to tell kid and parents to give an ice-cream afterwards.
If the teeth don’t moove the first time you see the kid 3 or 4 months later.

Javotte NANCY

just one word : perfect
Just you can consider also the age ; some families get a low speed of eruption. So is it fair at this age and considering the kind of eruption in the family.


You are perfectly right; the age of the child may be a problem.
You don’t even use the same words if the kid is 5 years and a half old or if he belongs to a family having a slow speed of eruption and is about 7years old or a bit more.
After 7years of age a panoramic X-ray may be usefull.

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