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PUL’Fix : new fixed mandibular advancer for Class II : alternative to elastics

Clinical case of 13 years old patient : Class II division 2

  • Before treatment :
  • After teeth alignment, elastics were not worn : proposition of Pul’fix accepted by the patient :
  • PUL’Fix fitted : debonding lower bicuspids and freeing upper bicuspids and canines to let them extrude and distalize for faster correction of Class II :
  • Bonding upper lingual retainer and debonding upper braces : motivating patient to continue with Pul’fix :
  • Debonding lower braces and bonding lower lingual retainer. 6 months of PUL’fix :
  • Anti-relapse night wearing retainer : PUL W
  • Pul_fix_Intra_G_5
  • Profiles and Xrays before and after treatment : mandibular growth :


Other videos and user’s manual of PUL’Fix  : & youtube

Using PUL’Fix in this manner, act like a remoble PUL : extruding bicuspids and molars and distalizing upper molars to avoid « rabbitting » of upper incisors and excessive proclination of lower incisors.

  • Do you have experience with fixed Class II systems ? What is your opinion about them ?
  • Which system do you use ? Advantages and incovenients ?

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