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Early treatment: A Class II division 2: functional treatment

The definition of functional appliance is to help patient “functionning” well all day and night. It has to be worn at least 22h/24H and must harmonize all the functions: nasal breathing, deglutition and chewing. It has to improve patient’s aesthetic and psychological self confidence.
This is the case of 8 year old male patient who presents a Class II division 2.

We had two options: treat or wait for permanent teeth.

After explaining to the patient and his parent the benefit of early treatment we prescribe a PUL appliance with upper 3D expansion screw.
After 12 months we obtain a 4D harmonization: functional, sagittal, transverse and vertical.
The PUL appliance is worn now at night only, until the evolution of permanent teeth.

  1. What do you think about this case?
  2. Did you treat it or did you wait for permanent teeth?
  3. What kind of appliance would you use?

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