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Palatine lesion : Is it serious Doctor ?#1

  1. Palatine lesion : Is it serious Doctor ?#1
  2. Palatal lesion : Is it serious Doctor ?#2

Mrs H, 62 years old, referred from Morocco for the management of an oral-sinus communication closing failure, following the removal of 26, after four surgical attempts, including a palatal flap and associated bone transplant.

The patient does not have any particular medical history and has smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years (approx. 80 packs/year).

The clinical examination shows a painful lesion of the palatal mucosa membrane next to 25, where the palatal bone is exposed.

The patient’s general condition does not show any signs of deterioration.
The general examination shoes no distinctive feature, no adenopathy.

Palatine lesion : initiale situation
Palatine lesion : initiale situation

A scanner was done :

  1. Describe the lesion
  2. Diagnostic hypothesis
  3. Additional examination
  4. Treatment

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