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A very painful skin rash… #1

  1. A very painful skin rash… #1
  2. A very painful skin rash…#2

A patient was referred to the dermatology departement because of painful facial lesions. She has no medical history as she mentioned some aesthetic hyaluronic acid injections. She’s already taking some analgesics.

These painful lesions suddenly appeared few days ago.

Hyaluronic zona
Hyaluronic zona
  • Describe lesions
  • Which diagnostic ?
  • Which located complications are already there ?
  • Which potential complications have to be considered ?
  • Things to do ?



Good afternoon,
we see red blisters on one side of the nose( and only on one side); some seems older than other:for me it is Shingles ( herpes zoster).
Some of the opened vesicles are not dry, it means there is a local infection.
The main potential complication would be Herpes zoster ophtalmicus, the eye is not far away..
The therapy should be analgesics,antiviral medicines and perhaps antibiotics if needed to treat the infection .

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